Obviously the heightened energies being sent into this
duality reality are affecting alot of us. Remember, just
as we are being sent high Cosmic energies of
unconditional Love and Light, in a duality we are also
getting the other side of the spectrum. EGO is running
rampant and the illusion of separation from one another
is also trying to grab hold. These are the tools of the
not so light and not so love. Wake up, see it. The only
answer is Unconditional Love for all. There is no
right , there is no wrong, there is no best and there is
no better. We are all ONE. It is that simple, and when
EGO and separation come into play, it weekens me, it
weekens you , it weekens the whole Universe. We are all
connected. Lets drop this EGO , separation CRAP and get
back to what is real. Love , Light, UNITY Consciousness.
If something is said that does not resonate with
another. Then so Be it. Release it and move on. He said,
she said is a waist of time and energy and only causes
separation. Go with your Heart and use your discernment.
Bless everyone for the path they have chosen , whether
you believe it is right or wrong.