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 regeneration teeth may be is possible
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Regione: Emilia Romagna
Città: Bologna

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Inserito il - 19 aprile 2005 : 15:30:41  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
Clenching machine in action

Take care when placing the machine in the mouth.
Open wide, use your second hand to hold your lip out of the way, and put the machine between your molars.

Take care when placing the machine in the mouth. Open wide, use your second hand to hold your lip out of the way, and put the machine between your molars.

If you have loose or weak teeth at the back of your mouth, don't jump straight in to the clenchorama exercise.

You can work up to it this way: use the sterilised washer alone, with no squash ball, for a similar 20 minute workout, once a month until you have the strength to use the chewing machine proper.

I think that if someone want to regenerate his theeth, surely there are missing teeth and/or weak teeth, then the occlusion is not good.
The exercise that works on one side to the time and doesn't keep the balance of the TMJ that is precarious, can be dangerous in my opinion.
You strenghten muscles that are working in the wrong way

Se uno vuol farsi ricrescere i denti
sicuramente ci sono denti mancanti e/o denti
instabili quindi l'occlusione è precaria.
Fare questo tipo di esercizio, secondo me,
può comportare dei rischi perchè si rafforzano
muscoli che non lavorano nella corretta posizione

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Inserito il - 26 aprile 2005 : 07:26:17  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
If a person is really weak, of course they don't have to risk doing any damage by chewing on squash balls.

In such cases, simply thinking about such exercises should have a beneficial effect.
For serious cases, I would suggest recuperative yoga before anything else, which consists of passive postures which allow fresh spinal fluid to flow into the spine by stimulating the relaxation response.

Everyone has their own path.

Tanto chi e' proprio debole non deve correre il rischio di dannaggiarsi masticando delle palline di squash.

In tal caso, pensando agli esercizi invece di farlo avra' un'effetto beneficiale.

Per casi gravi, suggerirei yoga di recupero prima di tutto, che consiste di posture passive che permettono fluida spinale fresca di introdursi nella spina attraverso la stimolazione della risposta rilassazione.

Ognuno ha il suo percorso.

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Membro Medio

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Inserito il - 03 maggio 2005 : 21:40:10  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

The point is not to be weak or strong but the TMJ position that is not symetric in malocclusion.
If you do the exercise in one side, you intensifie the unbalance.
To imagine can be good.

In your website you introduce a generic hygienic base for the healing teeth, sure useful, but it is not yet something specific for regrowth.
It is true that everyone has to make his personal research, then i think that you practice more then you write:-)

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Membro Medio

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Inserito il - 17 maggio 2005 : 17:47:54  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
A good exercice

When we practice the rinses in the morning with sunflower oil (purification) holding and moving it in mouth, this exercise acts simultaneously on the TMJ

Quando il mattino pratichiamo gli sciaqui con olio di girasole facciamo un buon esercizio sull'ATM in modo leggero e simmetrico
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Inserito il - 30 maggio 2005 : 07:40:38  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
Teeth won't grow without both a reason and a means.

The means is energy: spiritual, nutritional, ecological, or whatever kind.

One can use topical medicines, spiritual stuff, etc., if one wants

The simplest, surest, most reliable way, today, I believe, is through the digestion.

This way energy is produced internally, i.e, through the bodily systems.

This means you eat and the food passes through the digestive system.

The liver and kidneys then filter the nutrition, so your hormones do the work.

The pelvis and hips and sacrum is the toothgrowing motherboard.

The motherboard is controlling all the other organs because it positions them.

The skeleton is continually adjusted by the sacrum, adjusting position of all organs.

The motherboard will correct malocclusion if it is allowed to do it.

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Inserito il - 30 maggio 2005 : 07:49:36  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
10 tips for tooth regeneration...

Eat soaked seeds

Eat green leaves

Eat root vegetables

Cleanse kidneys in winters

Speak at the right time and harmoniously

Do yoga, tai chi, or regular exercise

Meditate to clear the mind

Use root chakra therapies: crystal or mantra

Stretch, tone, and strengthen legs and feet

Respect and love elephants and rabbits

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Inserito il - 23 giugno 2005 : 06:59:09  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
Citations of tooth regeneration at transmissions4/regeneration.html. This method, ascension, is for people who are comfortable in the domain of the higher vibrations.

According to those in the know, anyone can reach a mastery of the higher planes within their lifetime through meditation or other purification measures.

I assume that this method, for a non ascended human, involves meditation into the pineal gland or thymus, using them to form a link between the higher planes and the other glands of the body such as the pituitary, thyroid, amygdala, and sexual glands, and prompting these to stimulate osteoblast production and red blood cell production.

I consider this as the opposite of the troll method of tooth regeneration. Trolls can regenerate teeth using earth energy (trolls eat rocks).

I am currently attempting to use a synthesis of all energies to heal my own teeth, although it seems that my own vibrations often change.

I like spending time with humans, which may be why my vibrations often change. From what I can understand, the human to troll relationship is: humans have better understanding and control of fear and love than trolls.

Trolls are not good with love and communications, so trolls are more desensitised, more able to eat rocks, and generally live alone.

If any trolls wish to share their insights in tooth regeneration or some diet tips, please post here or attend the IADR International Conference on Dentistry in Brisbane 2006.

Also, if any aliens would like to share insights about the top chakras please do the same, and email me to let me know so I can write about it (together we could sell a few books).

Of course, if there are any yogis around who have developed a more human and more accessible system of tooth regeneration than is found on my website at, please share.

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Inserito il - 23 luglio 2005 : 06:01:21  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
I think there is a tres informative message containing information from Upanishads (sacred Indian stuff) at in General Dental forum, on 11-07-2005, by 'damaniindia'.

One exercise is recommended: clenching the teeth while urinating and defecating.

What great logic this is, as it is an exercise to link the teeth to the major bodily systems: mus****skeletal system (especially if one is squatting), digestive system (rectum movement and smell), renal system (bladder and urethra), endocrine system (the act), etc.

From my own understanding, clenching is the supreme of the teeth exercises (other exercises are rubbing teeth against each other, tapping, etc.) because clenching covers the essential quality of teeth, which I believe is hardness, the ability to crush matter.

Sebastian Reed

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Membro Medio

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Inserito il - 03 agosto 2005 : 21:35:26  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
I thank Sebastian for all interesting informations that he writes here.
Every one can meditate on and integrate in his practice, if he is really interested.

I add something more that i received from ascendpress, cited by S.

Regeneration of teeth is a part of the crystalline blueprint but does not surface until 15,000 strands or more has been embodied, and most if not all will never reach this in this lifetime.

The best we can do is to support crystalline teeth in spite of the fillings and other dental phenomenon in the mouth.

We have found the sonic toothbrush useful. Oa has learned to brush with salt made in red clay of hawaii; the combination of salt and clay clean and stimulate the teeth and gums enough to allow them to continue to ressurect.

Mila prefers baking soda with peppermint, orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils.
Once per week each brushes with lemon oil to assist in the dissolution of plaque
(lemon oil melts the plaque so that it does not harden into tartar).
The sonic toothbrush Mila uses is electric and she finds it stimulates the meridians in the jaw enough to allow for ongoing regeneration.

This has been Mila and Oa's truth about it; but it may not be everyones.

We recommend muscle testing what is best for your circumstance and then following your own truth.

You can also muscle test what herbs are supportive to ingest to assist tooth enamel in growing and regenerating, as each has different biochemistry and therefore there is not a single solution for all.

See the language of light and herbs section for more information.

I add not to use essential oil pure but in solution with any oil - olive-sesam ...

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Membro Attivo

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Inserito il - 08 agosto 2005 : 21:18:04  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando
A big aim requires a big power that can't be only personal.
We have to connect us to the Spring of Universal Energy One way is the prayer.
In this website you can receive the seven power prayers.
It is recommended :

"...whatever ye shall ask in prayer,
believing, ye shall receive."
(Mat. 21:22)


Un grande scopo richiede un grande
potere che non può essere solo personale.
Possimo connetterci alla Sorgente di Energia Universale attraverso la preghiera per esempio.
In questo sito potrete ricevere le sette brevi e potenti preghiere:

Si raccomanda :
...qualsiasi cosa chiediamo, pensiamo di averla gia ricevuta (Mat.21-22)
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Inserito il - 15 agosto 2005 : 07:36:00  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando
Saturday, August 13th, I met a girl here in Sydney, that...

having lost her baby teeth, and after receiving her big teeth, she then lost two of the new ones to decay after a short time...
praying for replacements, she had the blessing of receiving them...
explaining this to me, she said "and these are them here, they're the third pair", pointing to her front teeth...
naturally; thanks to nature; thanks to religious faith...
she said to me "with God, all things are possible"...

she was Christian when it occurred and is still Christian...
those teeth were beautiful, white, and altogether normal...
I thank the universe for this meeting, from which I learned a lot...
I say thanks to Jesus for the example he showed, and thanks to the people and the institutions that do the right thing in his name...
Kind wishes to all!

Sabato, Agosto 13, ho conosciuto una ragazza qui a Sydney che...

perso i denti primi, arrivati i denti grandi, 2 si sono corrotti dopo poco tempo...

pregando per rimpiazzamenti, ha avuto la bellezza di riceverli...
spiegando, la ragazza mi ha detto "e sono questi qui che vedi, sono la terza paia!", indicando i denti frontali...

naturalmente; grazie alla natura; grazie alla fede religiosa...

mi ha detto "con ***, tutto e' possibile"...

la ragazza era Christiana quando la cosa e' successa e Christiana ancora...

devo dire che erano belli, bianchi, normali, quei denti...

dico grazie alla natura per quest'incontro da cui ho capito molte cose...
dico grazie a Jesu per il suo esempio e alle persone e le istituzioni che fanno le cose giuste nel suo nome...

Buone cose a tutti!

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Membro Medio

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Inserito il - 19 agosto 2005 : 19:21:05  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

It is always exciting and encouraging to Know someone that has seen to regrowth some teeth.
Buddhist monks, yogis ....christian people had also a complete new dentition.
Practice, mantras, prayer, a good attitude
could be the base of all our search, wichever God we decide to prayer.
To recognize the Absolute and His Power.
We are not separated from the Divine Energy

E' eccitante e incoraggiante conoscere qualcuno che abbia visto ricrescere i propri denti.
Si è letto di monaci buddisti e di yogi che avrebbero avuto una nuova completa dentizione, ma anche di devoti cristani..
Pratica, mantra , preghiera, potrebbero essere la base della ricerca, a qualsiasi
manifestazione di Dio ci si rivolga.
Riconoscere l'Assoluto e il suo Potere.

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Inserito il - 22 agosto 2005 : 05:35:35  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di Sebastian  Rispondi Quotando

I returned to the same church again this weekend as last weekend. I went there for the company, the teachings, the food, and the spiritual activities.

I saw the girl there again whom I had met a week earlier, and I said to her "Are you sure your teeth grew back?" and she said "Of course I'm sure!".

I write this in case anyone thinks that the girl might have been acting friendly or sympathetic by telling me about growing new teeth. Before the second meeting with her, I was about 75 % sure that she was telling a true story. After the second meeting, I am 99.9 % sure she is telling a true story.

Both times that I have met this young woman, I have asked her if there is something she could tell me about that inspired her when she prayed for her teeth. Both times she has replied to me "Well, you the guy called Abraham, in the bible?", and even though I am not very familiar with the stories of the bible, I said "I think so".

"Well, he lived a long time and he had a child when he was 100" is what she told me both this weekend and last weekend. So, this story obviously had a strong influence on her while she was praying for her teeth.

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Membro Medio

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Inserito il - 14 settembre 2005 : 19:27:38  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

Invitation to the readers

I see that many persons are interested in reading about teeth regeneration but only few are active in participating to the search.
I think that all people should collaborate.

Why to be always dependent from dentists with the consequences that many of us know and have experimented?

Why to insert the implants in our bone system?
Why to put tossic material in our mouth- body?
Why to devitalize the teeth giving the life to battalions of bacteria?

Have you loosing teeth?
Have you missing teeth?
Have you devitalized teeth?

See these photos

and read:
You can find thousands reasons to give the importance to this search for you and for the world considerating that all is possible, as we have sed many times.
Collaborate to the search!

Vedo che molti sono interessati a leggere sulla rigenerazione dei denti
ma pochi sono attivi nel partecipare alla ricerca.
Perché dipendere sempre dai dentisti con le conseguenze che molti di noi conoscono
ed hanno sperimentato?
Perché inserire impianti metallici nel sistema osseo con rischio e durata incerta?
Perché mettere materiale tossico nella nostra bocca-corpo?
Perché devitalizzare i denti dando vita a battaglioni di batteri?

Guardate queste foto:

e leggete:

Potete trovare mille ragioni per dare importanza a questa ricerca per voi e per gli altri, considerando che tutto è possibile, come varie volte è stato detto.
Coraggio, date il vostro contributo alla ricerca!
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Inserito il - 17 ottobre 2005 : 20:12:57  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

To get rid of the dependency

We are all dependent from what is currently known consolidated from the use even if it represents a limit.
It is the time to come out of our sleep and to take advantage of our possibilties.
If there was a discreet number of persons firmly decided like Sebastian we could arrive to some interesting result.
Courage, readers of this forum, be concerned in this way!

Uscire dalla dipendenza

Dipendiamo tutti da quel che è comunemente consolidato dall'uso anche se rappresenta un limite.
E' ora di uscire dal sonno per sfruttare le nostre possibilià.
Se ci fosse un discreto numero di persone fermamente decise come Sebastian, potremmo raggiungere qualche risultato interessante.
Coraggio lettori di questo forum, diventate attivi in questa ricerca
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