By Mahala
January 2001

Here we are in the year 2001 already. What has happened to time? Are we
moving into no time where everything happens in the moment? Is this the
time to live one day at a time - to the best of our ability - and to give
thanks for all of our blessings? Much happened in the year 2000, and even
more will happen in 2001. You haven’t seen anything yet! My guides have
been telling me for years that something special is going to happen this
year. What will that be - I guess time will tell. I also believe that
January 1, 2001 is the beginning of the new millennium...
According to the Kali Yuga astrology system, the year 2003 is a turning
point. By that time there is suppose to be peace on Earth. Hallelujah!
In December of 2003 the planet Uranus moves into Pisces, which is the
sign that rules Cosmic Consciousness. The planet Neptune rules the sign
of Pisces, and is female energy. Uranus is male energy. During 2001 we
will began to see the balance between male and female energy on this
planet. The Kali Yuga gives the ending date of their system as 2010.
We just went through the time period of the birth of light. This is what
the 12 days of Christmas are all about. The Christ child within us is
actually being born right now - as I am writing this Planet Alert. The
total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999 was on 18 degrees Leo, which is
the degree of the birth of Christ Consciousness. Leo rules the heart,
and this is where our Christ Child resides. This Christ energy was
awakened on Earth at that eclipse. We’ve been working on integrating this
energy into our lives since then by letting all of our hidden issues
surface, to be looked at and released...
We’re almost through this process because we started the actual birth
of our inner Christ child on December 17, 2000. On that day Uranus moved
onto 18 degrees Aquarius, and activated the final birthing process. This
planet stays on that degree until January 6, 2001. During this time
period the Christ Child will be born in the hearts of those who are
willing, and we will then start to manifest unconditional love. This
Christ energy will take awhile to integrate. When a baby is born it has
to learn to crawl, and then to walk and talk, so be gentle with yourself
as you go through this learning process...
How many of you actually experienced this birthing process physically? I
experienced it. For me it started on December 17, and on the 18th my
heart chakra felt like it was going crazy. Then on Christmas night I was
awake from 12 midnight to 6:00 AM going through a process of rewiring. My
body literally vibrated for 6 hours. I still felt the vibration the next
day although it wasn’t as strong. Then the tiredness and low energy set
in which caused some depression...
The planet Uranus was conjunct Venus on Christmas - we also had an
eclipse. The Mayan Glyph for Christmas day was the Blue Monkey, ruled by
the planet Venus. The Blue Monkey represents the divine child within. It
also rules magic, joy, happiness, dancing and artistic pursuits. Because
that glyph appeared at the time of a solar eclipse, we will feel the
energy of the Blue Monkey all year.
The third dimension has been based on the trinity, or the triangle...
We’ve had three forces within us. The first force is love, which is the
glue that holds everything together. We were all born from love. Out of
love two other forces appeared called the Yin and Yang, positive and
negative, male and female, or good and bad, whatever you choose to label
it. We’ve been living in a polarity universe for eons of time...
Now the fourth element is starting to wake up, which is the offspring of
the male and female element. This is the Christ Child within us. With the
birth of this child, our chakra system will start to vibrate together and
we will literally have one center instead of seven. This center will be
in our heart. The diamond will become the symbol of this new energy
instead of the triangle...
You have to be on a certain frequency for this birthing process to
occur. If you are still working through your solar plexus, and playing
the drama of power and control, you are not quite ready for this birth...
The general population still has a way to go before peace can manifest on
our planet...
Mother Earth is also going through her birthing process, and she
manifests this energy through physical Earth changes. Did you know there
were more natural disasters last year then the previous year?. These
changes will increase as she moves farther along in her process. Right
now she is very polluted - her water is dirty, there is chemical waste in
different places, and she desperately needs a bath. Maybe she will open
her body to the pure water that resides within her as she opens to her
Christ Conscious energy...
There are several active volcanoes right now. One of them is Mount Popo,
which is just outside of Mexico City. Volcanic eruptions are a sign of
Mother Earth’s anger being released. Anger has to be purged out of her,
just like we have to release our anger. We have been experiencing the
release of our anger - big time - since September of 2000, which is when
the violence started in Israel...
We start the new year with a Mars/Neptune square over Israel and China...
Mars, of course is the planet of violence, and Neptune rules drugs,
chemicals, oil, water, and ships. The two planets in a 90 degree angle
to each other is not good. Mars can bring swift violence, and Neptune, on
5 degrees Aquarius, rules the Orient...
We also start the new year with a new president. On January 6, Congress
votes to either accept or reject the Electoral votes. Let’s look at
George Bush’s chart. He has a very strong connection with the United
States. His north node, and Uranus, are both on 19 degrees Gemini. The
United States birth Mars is 20 degrees Gemini. This means that George
Bush will come in as a Mars president.
His birth Sun was on 13 degrees Cancer when he was born, and of course
the birthday of the United States is July 4. This gives the USA a 13
degree Cancer Sun, which incidentally lines up with the planet Sirius -
also known as Isis. The Statue of Liberty, in the harbor of New York
City, also represents Isis. New York is on 16 degrees Cancer, and is the
home of The United Nations. People from all nations have been gathered
together in the United States. We are the melting pot of the world. We
are also known as the new Jer(USA)lem...
On July 4, 1776, the moon was on 18 degrees Aquarius. The planet Uranus
is now on that degree, and will stay there until January 6. Uranus is a
revolutionary planet. It also rules anything that is high tech, like the
NASDAQ market. Last April, when Saturn was in Taurus on 18 degrees -
making a 90 degree angle to Uranus - the NASDAQ market fell, and
continues to fall. This fall started with Microsoft, and all of the
dot-com stocks. Neptune is also in Aquarius and this planet dissolves
things, so we saw many dot-com companies disappear. Being the moon
represents women, I think the revolutionary aspect will be felt mostly by
women. Don’t be surprised if you see more women in the position of
leadership. It could be time for a woman president, even though that
doesn’t appear possible right now...
The Inauguration chart on January 20 does not appear too promising. Mars
is on a very explosive degree over the Persian Gulf, making a 90 degree
angle to Mercury, and Uranus in Aquarius. The moon is opposite George
Bush’s 19 degree node-Uranus aspect conjunct the USA Mars. This is a
violent aspect. Unfortunately, the Inauguration chart is a birth chart
for his term as president...
There was also that eclipse over the United States on Christmas day...
This eclipse was in the sign of Capricorn, which rules governments and
structures. Eclipses always foretell events that transpire in the future...
Wherever the darkness is felt - events happen. -like the storm that blew
into the East Coast. We’re in the process of dissolving our old
structures and belief systems, and transforming them into new ways of
being. This energy will also apply to our governing system. It looks like
we will be in for quite a ride this next year...
The January 9, 2001 lunar eclipse is on the degree of the White
World-Bridger. This Mayan glyph is ruled by the planet Mars. We will
definitely have to deal with Mars energy this year. There will also be
many people who will choose to leave this planet, because that glyph also
rules death...
On January 24 we enter the Year of the Snake in Chinese astrology. This
is the year of the most intense negative energy in their cycle. Negative
can also mean feminine energy, so this will be the year of the woman. The
year of the snake is always unpredictable. Once the snake uncoils to
strike, he moves with lightning speed and nothing can stop him. Their
year starts with the Sun conjunct Neptune which means we could
experience deceptive energy from the Orient. How will that manifest?
Undoubtedly it will be a year of surprising events.
The Earth needs love from those of us who have completed their birthing
process. I believe there are many who went through this process, and
together we can make a difference on Earth. It’s time to manifest the joy
of living. My blessings to you.
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