Hi Everyone: The above crop circle design is so phenomenal that I wanted to share it with you. I also want to share that it is IDENTICAL to the crown chakra portion known as "Bija mantras". In the book "Music and Sound in the Healing Arts" by John Beaulieu, this formation is shown on page 107. (ISBN 0-88268-056-0, published in1987 by Station Hill Press). Here is a quote from the book: ""Bija means 'seed'. The bijas of the chakra energy centers are those 'seeds of sound' that are associated with the element of each chakra....The bija mantras are combinations of these seed sounds that evoke elemental archetypes for healing. There are thousands of possibilities for creating bija mantras." Here is one additional quote also used in the book: "The bija-mantras are the most potent of all. They definitely belong to no language and are not found in any dictionary. They have no gender and declensions. The are combinations of letters that represent the relationship between the kundalini (life energy) and the Supreme Consciousness (Sacred Sound), and their specific rays (elemental archetypes)...An attempt to understand them intellectually will be futile." ~~~~~~~(Usharbudh Arya) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SOUND, SOUND, SOUND...EVERYTHING IS SOUND....EVERYTHING IS BIRTHED BY SOUND!!! I still say that one day we will KNOW that the authentic crop formations are created by the science of "CYMATICS". I have come across some other information regarding possible meanings of some of the formations that I will share in the near future. Hopefully, someone will put them in a book (geeze, I hope it's not me)!!! In the spirit of oneness, Sharon444 (Sharon Pacione) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________