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 prophetic vision
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Inserito il - 12 ottobre 2005 : 19:00:33  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

Prophecy of the Mayan

"These prophecies were channeled in the extent of a metaphysical experience for a group of studies of Spain, whose content comes from Intelligences MAYAN, treating of the moment lived by all the terrestrial Humanity."


He/she starts to exist, more and more clearly, two humanities, well
differentiated. The Luminous, to service of the LIGHT and the Dark, to service of the Darkness (ignorance, violence, selfishness, disrespect, arrogance, drafts, lies,...), in franc time of confrontation, a lot of times explicit and armed.

The new planet settles in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter, affecting gravitational structures and revealing unknown aspects of our sciences on the operation and the nature of the Cosmos.

Great Chaos in world level. The great cities succumb, the coastal spaces, the generation systems and distribution of energy, communications, satellites, coins, governments, systems of health and of humanitarian help and civil defense, public safety and military systems and of intelligence.
He/she stops the Internet and the telephony, as well as the military and commercial aviation. trains and ships they still travel, taking crowds without a destination and without homeland.

Who doesn't have earth, he/she won't eat.
More other things are valued, as the companionship, the friendship, the love, the detachment, the compassion, the altruism.

Communities closed and autosubsistentes multiply in wide climbs in the areas more discharges, following advisors interdimensionais and intelligences vindos, subtly, of the external Space.

Simple inventions are revealed in those communities, improving the quality of the survivors' life.

Seismic and volcanic movements are generalized in global scale.

The axis polar of the Earth it changes of position. The oceans flood the areas completely coastal. In a same day, the four stations happen her.
He/she lacks water drinkable and foods. No there are seeds nor tools to work him/it soil.
A great awakening of the humanity, individual is produced the individual. They collapse the nations and the states.

Forces of the Darkness pass more and more for the Light, winning the fear and the distrust

The planetary catastrophes put in harmony ethnic groups all over the world and new nations are going appearing, following new organization patterns and of mutual cooperation, forming regional pieces of advice and special commissions.
Information are shared, knowledge, inputs and results, in nets places, regional and continental.

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Inserito il - 08 febbraio 2006 : 13:27:12  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

What we say to you is that your freedom does not lie in the hands of others, it resides within you. The most merciful God lives within your heart of hearts. That which is your Christedness, your perfection. That which is the Christ Consciousness which you seek is you.

We say this to you because you in your world are on the brink of extreme change. Those changes have begun to occur in such a way that many have left your world thousands at a time. You have watched as different areas of your world have moved into complete change and some to destruction. Anytime there is balance being sought on any level of creation, there is change.

For many of you, the changes of which we speak have not directly touched you. Those changes seem to be far removed from the reality of which you are so familiar and within which you are of comfort in that which is known.

In the coming years there are gong to be challenges to your sense of reality, of what is safe and predictable and of what to trust or believe as changes occur in your world.

The coming year is one of bridging one vibration to another. It comes as a time of shaking out that which is not constructive to the highest purpose and that which is climbing of the social consciousness. The time for the shift is now and you are at the crux of the pinnacle, about to soar into parts unknown. Be not afraid. Be powerful.

In this coming year there will be further disruption to the oil industry. Much of this is due to certain entities who wish to bolster their financial gains. There will, however, come an incidence that is of a nature that will draw attention to the corruption of the industry. This in occurrence in the late spring or summer of 2006, depending upon how certain incidences play out between now and then.

Politically, the current leader of Nicaragua appears to be in jeopardy. It appears that there are those who are of enemies to him who would erase him of his life and of his perceived power.

In the United States, your President Bush will face further and more extreme challenges related to his integrity and the decisions he has made which reflect on and directly affect countless people.
There are those who work closely with Bush who will be caught in the net of deceit and all of them will ultimately become publicly liable for those things which they have done. It is that this situation is of many levels and that the deeper those who dig ferret out that which they seek, the larger and more intimidating the picture becomes.

All things of this nature depend upon the very integrity they represent to shield the participants from the public knowing the truth. That truth boils and seethes in its reality and as all things universal must find a release of pressure. The relief in this situation is that the truth will be told. There are at this time two sources who hold the key to and will be willing to unravel that truth.

The war in Iraq, which is a corporate war, will draw greater and greater public disapproval. In such a way, there will come a time by September of 2006 that the troops who occupy there now will have begun to disband.

In Great Britain the prime minister will find himself at odds politically and become indecisive in moments of great import. He will not have another to lean upon in such a way that he may falter.

There will be a loss of a mid level government official in Germany who will perhaps be found to have been self indulging. The events leading up to the change will occur in or near Dresden.

In Panama there will be a political coup that will be unsuccessful. It is poorly financed and unorganized.

In Romaina, Bucharest, there will be further conflict of violent nature particularly near the month of May. There appears to be an escalation of tension amongst certain factions.

There will be further earthquake activity in excess of 6.8 on the Richter scale. There will be activity in the Atlantic Ocean in the area of the Atlantic rift, which will be unexpected. There will be further activity in Indonesia in the form of aftershocks and further quakes.

There will be percussive responses within the earth which will affect the coast of India, the North West coast of the United States including northern California, the coast of Japan the Baltic Sea area and New Zealand. Africa will also be affected.

The New Madrid fault series has become increasingly unstable and will exhibit more activity which will escalate within the next three years.

There will be further volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Rim in a pattern which is noticeable and evidence that the volcanoes are interconnected. For quite some time, geologists have concluded that most volcanoes are independent of each other. In fact, deep below the surface of the earth there is a network of movement of hot liquids and gaseous materials which moves to the surface in order to relieve pressure within the interior of the planet. These are much like check valves. Where the pressure is released depends upon where that release is needed at the time.

Anomalous weather patterns will continue. There will be further evidence of global warming in such a way that the subject will become irrefutable to even the most greatly ignorant.

There will, in the next three years, be discovered a city below the ice in Antarctica. This city was once a major place of power in the before times. There will be bodies found there which are well preserved and can provide stunning data as to the world before this time. Do not be surprised when their physical attributes do not exactly match that of human nature.

There will be evidence found of Atlantis that will mark the beginning of full discovery of the ancient land. Some of this evidence will be found as a result of sands shifting in light of tropical storms and hurricanes and will be in the form of artifacts and remnants of ancient construction.


On the path of love
Through the oceans of fear
The sounds of joy
Are all we can hear
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Inserito il - 04 maggio 2007 : 12:44:54  Mostra Profilo  Rispondi Quotando

Voici, selon Drunvalo, comment nous allons vivre cette expérience du changement de dimension de notre planète :

"Souvenez-vous que ce que je suis sur le point de livrer ici est ce qu'un texte galactique vous révélerait. Il ne s'agit que du scénario habituel. Il pourra y avoir de nombreux détails différents, car la vie est souple et adaptable, mais si vous connaissez les normes, vous pourrez imaginer les différences.

Alors que nous pénétrons dans ce nouveau millénaire, les maîtres ascensionnés sentent qu'il y aura très peu de violence à l'approche du changement, car nous revenons de loin sur le sentier.
Nous avons bien travaillé dans nos efforts visant à faire naître une nouvelle conscience humaine ! Je veux par conséquent vous demander de vous détendre et de ne plus vous inquiéter.

Prenez plaisir à observer cette transition.
Alors que vous êtes les témoins de la perfection de la vie, vous pouvez être comme le bébé que vous avez toujours voulu redevenir, si tel est votre cas.
Sachez que l'on va s'occuper de vous et que l'amour pur dirige déjà les événements. Cette vague d'énergie est tellement plus grande que nous tous que la meilleure défense est encore de nous abandonner complètement à elle et d'être, tout simplement.

Il est fort probable que nous ayons changé les tenants et les aboutissants de cette période de chaos qui, normalement, devrait durer de trois mois à deux ans. On croit maintenant en hauts lieux que la période précédant le changement sera sans doute très courte et ne contiendra pour ainsi dire aucune violence.
On ne s'attend plus à aucun avertissement d'aucune sorte, ou presque, sauf pour la période de transformation elle-même, qui durera de cinq à six heures.

Il est plus que probable que vous vous réveillerez un beau matin et qu'avant le coucher du soleil vous vous retrouviez comme un enfant devant un monde tout neuf.

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